It’s a new dawn!

Hooray for 2017! I know I am ready for it–mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. Today, I’m starting back up my “Miracle Morning”. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s from Hal Elrod’s book. Essentially, he was feeling depressed and unmotivated and needed to jump start his life. So, he started getting up super early in the manana to meditate, visualize, say affirmations, read, exercise, and journal. While it sounds like a lot, he would only do 10 minutes of each, really just to frame and focus his day. I’ve done it a few times, and my days are always better and more productive when I do. My next layer in my body transformation journey is to add this in every morning. While I didn’t wake up “early” today, I, er, also went to bed at 4:45 this morning because, New Year’s. Bert, starting tomorrow, rise and shine and start the day.

I will continue with food journaling and hunger scaling. My goal with that is to get better about actually only eating when I’m at -3. I’ve been doing a lot of zeros and negative ones because it’s the holidays and there has been a plethora of siren food laying around, i.e. Food that calls to my weaknesses and given the opportunity I would totally devour till it ends me. I know I also need to check in with myself to see what my emotions and stress-levels are when I eat. I also want to categorize why I’m eating, whether it is a fuel, fog, storm, or joy eat. I got this handy dandy trick from a fantastic book by Brooke Castillo, If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight? I love this book for many reasons, especially it’s on the nose title. To break it down for those of you that haven’t read it, a fuel eat is what it sounds like: eating to fuel your body. A joy eat is eating something because you love it, and the trick is that you must relish it. This is where Brooke follows the 80/20 rule, where 80% of what you eat is for fuel and 20% is for joy. The goal is to narrow it down to only eating for these 2 reasons, and to also limit the joy eat to one item per day. The joy eat can be anything from your favorite off plan snack to dessert, but the key is to stop eating when you stop tasting it. You are to enjoy every bite.

The last 2 categories are what I am super guilty of: the fog eat and the storm eat. Both are to be avoided because it’s all about not being present or even remembering what you ate. A fog eat is when you sit in front of the TV and mysteriously eat a whole bag of anything. I’m guilty of this with everything from chips to ice cream to healthier fare like nuts and edamame. You’re eating from habit and not from hunger so you are totally ignoring your body’s hunger queues. A storm eat takes this one step further by adding an emotional component. Welcome to the realm of the binge eater. This is when I allow stress, anger, depression, frustration to control my mouth to down large quantities of food. Sometimes, I will seemingly not eat a LOT of these foods, but it will still be a storm. For example, I’ve had the storm where I’ve eaten a whole box of crackers or a whole bag of Oreos, but there are also storm eats where I just have 12 pieces of sushi, a single serving of crackers, and a piece of cake. While it’s not too far out of the realm of a “normal” eat for a human (or, more likely, a teenage boy), it’s still a storm because of why I’m eating, and because I’m not listening to my hunger queues which would normally have me stop at just the sushi. I’ve even had storm eats with healthy foods or restaurant portions. I’ notorious for this with Thai food. It may have only been a plate of green curry chicken, but it was eaten for comfort and not saiety. Even if it is on plan. 

Now, off to the races! With the edition of more examination of when and why and how I eat, along with my miracle morning, I’ve got a packed plate! Happy New Year, everyone, and I’m looking forward to everything that it brings!


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