Eat the Frog

I have HUGE issues with stress and anxiety. Let me tell you–it sucks the big one when you can’t go to food to dull that edge. I’m trying to work on my tendency towards overwhelm, and most of this is dealing with doing the Eat the Frog method of “What’s the most important?” Normally, I make a list and tackle things that I know I can get done first. Today, however, I’m making my list and tackling the things that will take the most stress off my plate first. Just thinking about getting some of these things accomplished makes me feel better. Wish me luck!
2:15 pm


Breakfast burrito

Tortilla chips

Mexican coke

I waited so long to eat that the burrito was exactly how much I needed to eat. 



I have been sleeping all day. No bueno.


Lean cuisine pizza

2 fruit leathers

Really proud of myself because I really wanted something sweet and I was grocery shopping. Instead of getting a slice of cake or things that I normally do, I didnt get anything. Fruit leather ftw!


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